Falafel by Aicha Guennoun Melhem


  • Half kilo of dry chick peas soaked over night then drained for an hour before use
  • Couple cloves of garlic
  • 2 medium sized onions chopped
  • Bunch of parsely and cilantro
  • Some sesame seeds
  • Baking powder or baking soda
  • Spices : coriander seeds, cumin, salt, and some black pepper


  • First thing is to mix chick peas in a food processor then put it in a seperate bowl, then put the onions and the parsely in the food processor and follow it with cilantro and spices and garlic.
  • When everything is done we mix it with sesame seeds and baking powder and let it sit for one hour
  • Heat the oil then form balls with the falafil mix and fry them intill brown


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